The problem we solve.

Technical teams have a goal of return to service (RTS) as quickly as possible, which is measured by mean time to insight + mean time to resolution (MTTI+MTTR) of an identified problem. Unfortunately, 95% of a team’s time is spent working to find the source of the issue.

Companies invest in tools looking for answers but instead are blasted by a firehose of data that must be manually interpreted by the skilled humans on the Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) and Ops teams. Effodio helps those teams to encode their knowledge into the system, reducing or eliminating MTTI.

How we solve it.

It all starts with the Effodio model. Users build a model of their cloud environment and matching issues or, “how things break,” based on their existing playbooks. The process is easy to understand, approachable by teams of all skill levels, and fits with existing SRE and Ops team ways of working. Unlike the usual static visualizations, the model is a real-time abstraction of your cloud environment and your troubleshooting playbook becomes part of the model that is continually verified. The model can be built incrementally as you identify issues and integrated into existing post mortem processes.

As an added advantage over time, the model teaches you what data matters and where you should discontinue or make investments in additional monitoring, visibility, and observability tools. Modeling is a cure for the ever expanding budget spent on monitoring and observability.

Build a model of an environment and matching issues based on existing playbook.

Real-time abstraction visualization of your environment is easy for all to understand.

Over time the model teaches you what data matters most where you should invest.

Who we are.

We’re a world class team working to bring an entirely new type of product to market. We are passionate about helping our customers solve their complex operational problems in new ways.

Sean Hafeez

Co-Founder & CEO

David Cheriton

Co-Founder & Investor

We believe in hiring the smartest people we can find and then giving them the tools they need to succeed. That is the foundation that allows us to build a culture based on trust, respect, integrity with a bias for action.

We are a fully remote team.

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